Welcome Families, Students, School Staff and Community Partners

The following pages are a good place to learn about the services and supports for students and families in the Shawnee Heights School community. You'll find a directory of local resources; links to services; and information about common areas of concern. 

As a school community, we understand and value that our families have a major influence on a student’s achievement. When schools, families, and community groups work together to support learning, children tend to do better at school, stay in school longer, and like school more.  The agencies listed offer a variety of resources for children and families. For more information about their services, click on the agency name below and contact them directly or contact a member of our Counseling Staff. If you have specific needs, please call staff listed at your school building for additional information. 

The listing of any organization in the list of community resources does not imply that the organization or the goods and services offered have been endorsed by the Shawnee Heights School District. 

Housing and Utilities Immunizations
Food Education / Academic
Mental Health After School Programming
Grief and Loss Child Care & Parenting Questions
Pregnancy Internet
Substance Abuse Prevention Dental
Domestic Violence
Safety Tip Sheets
Senior Assisted Living Additional Resources



Psychological Services
Washburn Psychological Services Clinic provides low-cost therapy and assessment services to individuals of all ages in the Topeka community. Services can be for children and families looking for individual therapy, family therapy, and couples counseling. Our clinic is located in Henderson 111 on the Washburn University campus at 1700 SW College Ave. in Topeka. We can also be contacted by phone at 785-670-1750.
Domestic Violence
Domestic violence is a pattern of behavior that one person in a relationship uses to control the other. The behavior may be verbally, emotionally, physically, financially, or sexually abusive. NCTSN in partnership with Futures without Violence has developed Children and Domestic Violence, 10 fact sheets for parents who may have left—or still be in—an abusive relationship. The fact sheets help families living with domestic violence or its aftermath to learn the following:
  • How they can get help for themselves or someone else in a domestic crisis
  • How they may see their children react to domestic violence
  • How they can best help their children to feel safe and valued
  • How they can help children to develop personal strength
The Children and Domestic Violence fact sheets not only give information, but also specific, hands-on strategies for parents to make and keep their children safe, to help them explore their feelings and share their experiences, to talk to children about domestic violence, to make the most of children’s playtime, to stay connected to preteens and teens, to appropriately comfort and soothe children’s fears, to manage children’s tantrums and aggression, to aid children in an ongoing relationship with an abusive parent, to get more help for your child if things are not improving, and to learn to take handle stress and to come up with a plan for self-care.
#1--How Does Domestic Violence Affect Children?
#2--Celebrating Your Child’s Strengths
#3--Before You Talk to Your Children: How Your Feelings Matter
#4--Listening and Talking to Your Child About Domestic Violence
#5--The Importance of Playing with Your Children
#6--Keeping Your Children Safe and Responding to Their Fears
#7--Managing Challenging Behavior of Children Living with Domestic Violence
#8--Where to Turn if You Are Worried About Your Child
#9--Helping Your Child Navigate a Relationship with the Abusive Parent
#10--A Parent’s Self-Care and Self-Reflection
Grief and Loss
Midland Care offers support for those who have experienced the loss in their lives. These services include individual grief support for all ages, adult support groups, Family Evenings, Hearts of Hope Camp for children, Teen Retreat, potlucks, memorials, and opportunities for expressive therapies.
The goal of Grief and Loss Services is to help those who have suffered a loss understand that:
  • Grief is a natural and even healthy reaction to loss.
  • Within each of us is the capacity to heal.  
  • The duration and intensity of grief is unique - no magic "finish" line
  • Caring and acceptance assist in the healing process.​
Services are available to all individuals in our community.  Relationship to a Midland Care patient is not required. For families served by Midland Care Hospice, there is no charge for three sessions of individual grief counseling services the first 13 months after the death of their loved one. For families inquiring from the community, charges are applied per type of service.  A sliding fee scale is available as needed.  If you wish to attend a support group, donations are accepted.
Services Available
  • Individual Adult Grief Support
  • Individual Child Grief Support
  • Adult Grief Support Group
  • Family Evenings - for children, teens and families
  • Camps and Retreats
  • Memorial Services
  • Community Education
  • Mobile Grief Support in schools, workplaces and faith communities
  • Specialized Groups for specific circumstances​
If you feel you would benefit from this support, please contact Suz McIver  at 785-232-2044 or 800-491-3691. You can access more information by clicking HERE.
Family Evenings start Thursday,  February 9 – for 6 weeks – they begin at 6PM and there’s no charge to attend.

Here’s the plan for each session:
6:00PM – Families arrive – shared meal (first meal provided by Midland Care – subsequent meals are potluck or you can donate $$)
6:30PM – Move to age appropriate groups – we have a Littles Group (ages 4-6), Sons and Daughters (ages 6-12), Teens (ages 12-17) and Adults.
7:45PM – All participants and volunteers back together for closing circle.
Each session has a particular focus; the goal is to provide a fun and safe place for children, teens and their families to discover their capacity to heal, grow and lead more fulfilling lives.
It is a community where kids can share memories, express feelings, try new activities and get tools to cope with grief.
We are already receiving calls and I wanted to make sure you have the info – we also have a Facebook event set up under Midland Care Facebook.
Low Cost Internet
Nearly five million households with school-age children do not have Internet service at home. Lack of Internet service makes it difficult for students to complete homework, creating a “homework” placing students without access at a disadvantage as compared to their peers who do have such access.
EveryoneOn, a national nonprofit working to ensure all students have access to Internet service at home, is pleased to inform you about an upcoming new low-cost wireline home Internet offer for your students and their families:

Qualifying households include those:

  • With at least one resident who participates in the U.S. Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP); 
  • With an address in AT&T’s 21-state service area, at which AT&T offers wireline home Internet service; and
  • Without outstanding debt for AT&T fixed Internet service within the last six months or outstanding debt incurred under this program.
AT&T will assign the fastest of these speed tiers available at the customer’s address:
  • 10 megabits per second, for $10 per month.
  • 5 megabits per second, for $10 per month.
  • 3 megabits per second, for $5 per month.
And, there is NO Commitment, NO Deposit, NO Installation fee and
NO Charge for in-home Wi-Fi Modem. 
Other requirements apply. Please visit att.com/access for more offer information.
We invite school districts to share this information with students and their families when the program launches on April 22, 2016. This can include:
  • Including the program flyer in NSLP communications;
  • Adding the program web link to the district website; and/or
  • Coordinating onsite enrollment events or presentations during parent meetings.

Get Internet at home today for a better future tomorrow.The Internet is essential for success. See how you can get connected.Your family qualifies if:

  • At least one child is eligible for free school lunches through the National School Lunch Program
  • No outstanding Cox bills or unreturned equipment
  • Have not subscribed to Cox High Speed Internet service for the last 90 days
Internet for only $9.95 a month + tax
Click HERE to get started.

Prevention/Recovery Community Services
Shawnee Regional Prevention and Recovery Services (PARS) is a not-for-profit organization that is committed to helping make our community a place where people of all ages are safe, connected with others and free from the effects of substance abuse. PARS provides assistance and support to individuals, families, schools, businesses and the community. It is divided into two programs, The Prevention Services Department, which houses the Regional Prevention Center and Evaluation Services programs, and Safe Streets
Services of the Prevention Services Department include:
  • Alcohol, tobacco and other drug information
  • Technical assistance to schools and communities
  • Information resources
  • Consultations on prevention and intervention activities
  • Trainings/workshops
  • Alcohol and Drug Evaluations for youth and adults
  • Case Management Services
  • Problem Gambling Assessment and Counseling
  • Evidence-based prevention curriculum for youth
Services of Safe Streets include:
  • Neighborhood Watch
  • Neighborhood/Community Development
  • Substance Abuse Initiatives
  • Safe Property Management
  • Utility Box Art Project
  • Biz Link/Retailer's Association
  • Safe Streets Coalition

Services in this expanded facility include Social Detoxification, Intermediate and Intensive Outpatient Treatment, Continuing Care, Gambling Addiction Treatment, and Relapse Prevention. These comprehensive services are available to anyone in the state of Kansas. We are licensed by the state to do referrals, and can provide assessment within 24-hours. We utilize the Living in Balance Program developed by Hazeldon Publishing and Educational Services. This cognitive behavioral and experiential treatment approach draws from current research and science in drug addiction. Together with practical clinical experience it provides a solid foundation for treatment. All Recovery Center programs provide exposure to community based self-help groups to assist clients in building skills and relationships that will support their recovery. Valeo Recovery Center is part of a state-wide referral network.
Social Detox

  • Assessment
  • Referral
  • Motivational Counseling
  • Non-medical 24-hour safe environment for acute withdrawal
  • Building Up to Drink or Drug (BUDD) Beds available
Residential / Intermediate Care
  • 24-Hour Residential Services
  • 42 Residential Beds
  • Attaining an Initial period of abstinence
  • Safety & Structure
  • Individual and Group Counseling
  • Hazelden Living in Balance & Thinking for a Change Education Programs
  • Education regarding Disease and Recovery
Residential Reintegration Program
  • Adult Male & Female Inpatient Services- individual & group
  • Assessment and Individual Program Plan
  • Alcohol & Drug Abuse Counseling
  • Re-Socialization Services- employment, education, vocational support, and skills training
  • Community Reintegration
  • Discharge Planning
  • Case Management
Intensive Outpatient / Outpatient
  • Intensive Day or Evening Treatment
  • Education, Continuing Care, and Relapse Prevention
  • Group and Individual Counseling for both the addict and significant others
  • Urine Analysis for Company Drug Testing
Problem Gambling Program
  • Outpatient Sessions
  • Specialized Curriculum for Gambler, or Concerned Other
  • Behavior Modification for Pathological Gambling
Valeo Behavioral Health Care
330 Oakley (Northwest Entrance)
Present at East Entrance after 5pm
Topeka, KS 66606
Social Detox 24-Hour Hotline 785-234-3448 
Recovery Center Services Information 785-783-7532
Recovery Center Admissions 785-233-1730 Ext. 3303

​Find more information Here.

Contact UsThe staff at PARS is committed to providing you with excellent service.  Please contact us in person, or via telephone or e-mail using the information below.
HoursMonday - Thursday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Wednesday evenings by appointment
Friday, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Address and Phone
2209 SW 29th Street
Topeka, KS 66611
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Utility Assistance
38% of Franchise Fee Credit Funds Remain

The 2015 Franchise Fee Credit Program continues, although only 38% of the funds remain.The funds will be exhausted soon, it is well advised for eligible qualifiers to sign up as quickly as possible

CRC administers the Franchise Fee Credit Program, a City of Topeka program that provides eligible households a standardized credit by utility. Each approved household can qualify for up to $175 in credit for the calendar year 2015.

To qualify for the City of Topeka Franchise Fee Credit Program you must:

  • Be a city resident (homeowner or renter) with electric, gas, water/waste AND
  • Have a household income of less than $32,400; AND
  • Be born before January 1, 1959 OR be blind OR totally and permanently disabled OR have a dependent child living at home under the age of 18
Those who meet the requirements listed above can come to Avondale East NET Center, 455 SE Golf Park Blvd, Topeka KS 66605. We accept walk in clients on Tuesday andThursday from 9:00 am - 3:00 pm.

Have an appointment? Below are the documents you need to bring with you:

  • Kansas ID or Drivers License
  • Copy of each of the bills eligible for the program: electric, gas, water, waste water (eligible bills must be in your name)
  • Proof of income - either a 2015 tax return or a social security award letter for all residents in the house
  • Documentation for dependents under 18 living in the house: birth certificate and social security card

If you would like more information, please contact Emma Starkey, Director of Communications and Education at 785-233-1365 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..