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BK Board Self-Evaluation (See ABE) BK

The board may conduct an annual self-evaluation.  Each board member may use a self-evaluation instrument to appraise individual performance or the performance of the board as a whole.  Results of these evaluations may be discussed at least annually, and revised standards and priorities may be developed to guide the board’s development in the coming year.

The board considers the following conditions crucial to self-evaluation:

  1. Board members should be involved in developing the standards and process to be used.

The standards may include, but not be limited to:

  • educational leadership;
  • policy development;
  • board member development and performance;
  • relationships with the superintendent and other staff members;
  • communications with the public;
  • fiscal management;
  • board meeting organization and committee performance;
  • relations with cooperating agencies and other governmental organizations.
  1. Evaluation may be at a scheduled time and place with all {at least 6} board members present.
  2. The evaluation may be a composite of the individual board members’ opinion.
  3. The evaluation may discuss strengths as well as areas needing improvement.

The evaluation results may be discussed in detail, and the board may formulate a series of objectives for the coming year.  These objectives may be stated in the form of behavioral change or productivity gains.

Approved:  KASB Recommendation – 1/01; 4/07