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EBB Safety (See JBH) EBB

The district shall make reasonable efforts to provide a safe environment for students and employees.

Safety Rules

The superintendent and staff shall develop necessary rules and regulations for student safety in school and at school activities.

Safety Unit

Teachers who instruct In hazardous curriculum areas will teach a unit each year or semester dedicated to safety rules inherent in the particular subject matter.
Appropriate safety signs, slogans, or other safety items shall be posted on or In the near vicinity of potentially dangerous devices or machinery.
No student will be permitted to participate in the class until satisfactory knowledge of the safety rules are demonstrated to the teacher. Teachers will conduct periodic reviews of safety rules during the school year.

Warning System

The board will seek to cooperate with local government officials, emergency preparedness authorities, and other related state agencies to maintain adequate disaster warning systems.

Safety Inspections

The superintendent, building principals, and maintenance personnel will regularly inspect each attendance center, playground and playground equip- ment, boilers, bleachers, and other appropriate areas to see that they are adequately maintained. Written records of these inspections shall be maintained.

If repairs are necessary, the individual conducting the investigation shall immediately inform the building principal, superintendent, or immediate supervisor in writing. Necessary steps either to repair or to remove the defect will be taken as soon as possible. Defects requiring expenditure of money in excess of $5,000 will be reported to the board. Any defects not immediately removed, repaired, or otherwise eliminated shall be blocked off with fences or other restraining devices.

Heating and Lighting

All furnaces, boilers, and lighting fixtures will be inspected annually to ensure safety for students, district employees, and patrons. These devices shall meet minimum state and federal standards.
The use of space heaters in district buildings is permitted so long as all heaters are: UL listed and approved; plugged directly into the wall outlet and not used with an extension cord; and have a 3 foot clearance from any combustible items that may catch fire. Combustible items include, but are not
limited to, paper products, clothing, and blankets. Staff members who wish to bring their own space heater shall first get the approval of their immediate supervisor.

Approved: KASB Recommendation-7 /9 6; 04/07; 6/14

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