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GA - Personnel Policy Organization

GAA - Goals and Objectives (See BDA, CM, CMA and JA)

GAAA - Equal Opportunity and Non-Discrimination

GAAB - Complains of Discrimination (See JDDC, JGECA and KN)

GAAC - Sexual Harassment (See GAF and JGEC)

GAACA - Racial Harassment (See GAF, JGECA and KN)

GAAD - Child Abuse (See JCAC, and JGEC)

SRS Access to Students on School Premises

Cooperation Between School and Agencies

Reporting Procedure

GAAE - Bullying by Staff (See EBC, GAAB, JDD, and JDDC)

GACA - Positions (See CD and GACB)

GACB - Job Descriptions (See CD and GACA)

GACC - Recruitment and Hiring



Hiring Sequence

Form, Applicant Job Application Acknowledgments

GACCA - Nepotism

GACD - Employment Eligibility Verification (Form I-9) (See GAK)

GACE - Assignment and Transfer

GAD - Employee Development Opportunities

GAE - Complaints

GAF - Staff-Student Relations (See GAAC, GAACA, JGEC, JGECA and KN)

GAG - Conflict of Interest

GAH - Participation in Community Activities

GAHB - Political Activities (See GBRK and GCRK)

GAI - Solicitations (See KDC)

GAJ - Gifts (See JL and KH)

Gifts to Staff MembersGAK Personnel Records (See CEI, CGI, GACD, GBI, and GCI)

Requests for References

Immunity Provided

Form, Request to Release Personnel Records

GAL - Salary Deductions  (FLSA) (See GAOF)

GAM - Personal Appearance

GAN - Travel Expenses (See BBBF, CG, CEF, GBRC, and GCA )

GAO - Maintaining Proper Control (See JGFB)

GAOA - Drug Free Workplace (See LDD)

Alternative I

Alternative II

GAOB - Drug Free Schools (See JDDA and LDD)

Employee Conduct

GAOC - Use of Tobacco Products in School Buildings (See JCDAA)

GAOD - Drug and Alcohol Testing 

GAOE - Workers Compensation and Disability Benefits (See KFD)

Choice of Physician

GAOF - Salary Deductions (See GAL)

GAR - Communicable Diseases

GARA - Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control Plan

GARI - Family and Medical Leave

Sample:  Family and Medical Leave Plan

GARID - Military Leave

GBH - Supervision

GBI - Evaluation (See GAK)

Availability of Evaluation Documents

Evaluation Criteria

GBK - Suspension

GBN - Nonrenewal and Termination

GBO - Resignation

Exit Interviews

GBQA - Reduction of Teaching Staff

GBR - Working Schedule (See JGFB)

Work Schedules

Attendance Required

GBRC - Professional Development (See GAN and GBRH)

GBRD - Staff Meetings

GBRE - Additional Duty

GBRG - Non-School Employment

GBRGA - Consulting

GBRGB - Tutoring for Pay

GBRH - Leaves and Absences (See GCRG)

Paid Leave

Unpaid Leave

Jury Leave

GBRIBA - Disability Leave

GBRJ - Substitute Teaching

GBRK - Political Activities (See GAHB)

GBU - Ethics (See IA and IKB)

GCA - Compensation and Work Assignments (See GAN)

Work Assignments

Attendance Required


Classification of Employees


Compensation for Out-of-Town/Overnight Trips

GCI - Classified Employee Evaluation (See GAK)

Form, Sample Classified Personnel Evaluation

GCIA - Evaluation of Coaches and Sponsors

GCK - Suspension

GCRF - Non-School Employment

GCRG - Leaves and Absences (See GBRH)

Paid Leave

Unpaid Leave

Jury Leave

GCRH - Vacations

GCRI - Paid Holidays

GCRK - Political Activities (See GAHB)