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GBRJ Substitute Teaching

Qualified substitute teachers shall be secured for the district.

The superintendent (shall/may) meet with potential substitutes before the start of each school year.

The superintendent and principals shall compile a list of available substitute teachers, and each principal shall have a current copy.

Principals (or other designated employees) shall be responsible for obtaining substitute teachers from the list and employing them as needed.

The superintendent shall be responsible for developing a substitute’s handbook.

The board shall establish the rate of pay for substitute teachers each July.

Candidates will receive a substitute's handbook, an explanation of the substitute program, application forms, and necessary tax forms and other records to be completed.

The handbook shall include information on when and how candidates should apply to be substitutes, the rates of pay, the time of the morning or day that substitutes can expect to be called for duty, instructions on where to report for all district attendance centers, maps of the school district and of each attendance center, a current copy of the school calendar, a copy of the board’s educational philosophy (see IA), suggestions for working with students, a statement of expectations the district has for substitutes, a list of tasks the substitute must complete before leaving for the day and a sample report form for reporting incidents that may take place during the day.

Substitutes are encouraged to prepare, in advance, for the subjects in which they are most likely to substitute in case lesson plans are not available.

Each principal shall file a report with the superintendent listing the substitutes used in the building during each pay period.

The superintendent shall meet with principals and review the performance of substitutes.

Approved:  KASB Recommendation - 9/97; 2/98; 4/07