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GCA Compensation and Work Assignments (See GAN)

Classified employees shall be paid according to pay rates established by the board.  Payment shall be made at the established pay date following the end of each pay period.

Work Assignments

Subject to board approval, the superintendent shall develop time schedules for all classified employees.  Work assignments for classified employees shall be made by the superintendent.

Attendance Required

Regular attendance is required of all employees subject to leave provisions in district policy, employee handbooks or other documents approved by the board.  Excessive absences or tardiness, unauthorized leave or unexcused absences may result in disciplinary action including termination of employment.


For the purposes of Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) compliance, the workweek will be 12:00 a.m. Sunday until 11:59 p.m. Saturday.

Classification of Employees

For purposes of compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), the superintendent shall ensure that all job positions are classified as exempt or nonexempt and that employees are made aware of such classifications.


No non-exempt employee shall work more than 40 hours per week without the prior written permission of the appropriate supervisor.  Principals and supervisors shall monitor employees’ work to ensure that the overtime provisions of this policy and the Fair Labor Standards Act are followed.  All employees shall be compensated for overtime worked, at a rate of one and a half times their normal rate of pay for any hours worked over 40 in a workweek.

Nonexempt employees whose workweek is less than 40 hours will be paid at the regular rate of pay for time worked up to 40 hours.  Overtime pay will be provided only if an employee works more than 40 hours in a workweek.

Compensation for Out-of-Town/Overnight Trips

When classified personnel are required to be out of town on district business, they shall be compensated in the following manner:

Regular or overtime pay (or compensatory time) as appropriate for time away from Tecumseh/Topeka MINUS:

  1. Eight hours for sleep when overnight;
  2. Reasonable time for meals (normally one hour per meal); and
  3. Time used exclusively for pleasure or personal business.

Approved:  KASB Recommendation – 2/98; 9/00; 11/04; 4/07