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IA - Philosophy - Mission Statement (See GBU and IKB)

IB - School Site Councils See (KA)


IC - Educational Program (See IDAA, IDAB, IDAC and IJ)

Curriculum Handbooks

Educational Goals and Objectives

Additional Educational Programs

ICA -Pilot Projects (See IDAE,)

Pilot Project Evaluation 

Student Surveys

ICAA - Teaching Methods (See ICA, IDAE, IJ)

ID - Instructional Program (See BBG, CJ, CL and IJ)



Financial Resources


IDAA - Special Programs (See IC and JJ)

Partnerships/Work-Study Program

IDAB - Support Programs (See IC and LDD)

Drug Education 

Student Mental Health

Dropout Prevention

At-Risk Students


Homebound Instruction

IDAC - Exceptional Programs (See IC)

IDAD - Title I Programs

Annual Parent Meeting

Regulation, Title I Programs

Parental Involvement Encouraged

Activities to Enable Parental Participation

Scheduling for Parents’ Convenience

Annual Evaluation

Form, Title I Parent Involvement:  Policy Development Meetings

IDAE - Student Privacy Policy (See BCBK, ICA, ICAA, II and JR et seq.)

Regulation, Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment

Surveys:  Parental Inspection Rights

Written Permission Required

Physical Examinations

Parental Rights:  Marketing Information

Release of Information – FERPA Rights

IDCE - College Classes (See JBE and JQ)

Concurrent Enrollment

IDFA - Athletics 

IE - Instructional Arrangements

Class Size

Scheduling for Instruction


IEB - Charter Schools

IF - Textbooks, Instructional Materials & Media Centers (See IKD and KN)

Selection Criteria:  Textbooks and Instructional Materials

Selection Criteria:  Media Center Materials

Collection Development

Challenges of Materials

Review Committee

The Review Committee Shall:

Removing Challenged Materials 

Form, Request for Review of Textbook, etc

IFBH - Outside Speakers (See IKB)

IFC - Community Resources (See KFD)

IFCB - Field Trips

USD Approved Field Trips

Non-Sanctioned Field Trips

Form, Consent to Participate in Field trip, etc.

IHA - Grading System

IHB - Homework

IHEA - Make-Up Opportunities (See JBD and JDD)

IHF - Graduation Requirements (See JFCA)

II - Educational Testing Programs (See BCBK, BE, CN, CNA, IDAE, IJ and KBA)

Test Integrity

Reporting Test Results

Testing Integrity:  Staff Handbook Language

IIA - Performance-Based Credits

IIBG - Computer Use (See ECH, JCDA and KBA)

Use of District Computers/Privacy Rights





E-mail Privacy Rights

Ownership of Employee Computer Materials

Staff and Student Handbook Information

IIBGA - Children’s Internet Protection Act

Form, Children’s Internet Protection Act Plan

IIBGB - On-Line Learning Opportunities



Other Regulations or Guidelines

IJ - Evaluation of Instructional Program (See IC, ICAA, ID, II and MK)

IKB - Controversial Issues (See GBU, IA and IFBH)

IKCA - Human Sexuality and AIDS Education

Opt-Out Procedure and Form

Opt-Out Form

Annual Request Required

Notice of Availability

Form, Parent/Guardian Opt Out Form

IKD - Religion in Curricular or School Sponsored Activities 

(See AEA, IF, IKDA and KN)

Teaching About Religion

Religion in the Curriculum and School Activities

Religious Symbols in the Classroom

Religious Holidays

Graduation and Other Ceremonies

IKDA - Religious Objections to Activities (IKD)

Form, Opt-Out Activity Participation

IKE - Assemblies

IKI - Lesson Plans

ING - Animals and Plants in the School