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Duties of the Officers

The chair shall preside at all meetings and have general supervision of the council’s activities. The chair shall work with the Principal in planning and directing the council’s activities.

The chair, in consultation with the principal, shall prepare an agenda for all council meetings and arrange for the agenda to be delivered to each member at least ______ days before each meeting. The vice chair shall exercise all functions in the absence of the chair and assist the chair as needed.

The secretary is responsible for:

  • Keeping an account of the proceedings and transactions of all council meetings;
  • Providing a copy of the minutes to the council members and the clerk of the board within 7 days of each meeting;
  • Preparing any official correspondence the chair may request;
  • Maintaining a council file in the school’s administrative offices containing copied of all minutes, council correspondence, the annual school report and the current council guidelines; and
  • Maintaining a list of council members with current contact information, including email addresses.


The council shall meet (monthly, or locally determined frequency) in the (location) on the (determined dates). Special meetings may be called by the chair or vice chair as long as all council members are notified of the meeting at least two days in advance and notice of the meeting is given to those have requested notice of council meetings.

The first council meeting of the academic year shall be called in (determined date).

_______ council members shall constitute a quorum. (A quorum must be present to conduct business)

All council meetings are open to the public, and members of the public shall be encouraged to attend. Persons desiring to speak at a council meeting may request to be put on the agenda no later than _____ days before the meeting date.


The council shall report to the board _____ times a year. Reports shall be written and filed with the clerk of the board. The board may invite some or all of the members to discuss the reports. After the board accepts each report, copies shall be shared with the principal and staff.

Legal Duties

The council shall report to the Kansas State Board of Education if required.


Site councils shall not have nay of the powers and duties reserved by law or regulation to the school board.


Site councils shall comply with all applicable conditions of the Kansas Open Meetings Act and the Kansas Open Records Act.