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IC Educational Program (See ID, IDAA, IDAB, IDAC and IJ)

The academic program shall assist students to grow intellectually, to master the curriculum objectives, and to prepare for further education or training. The board shall consider the district's basic educational program each year. And, when approved, the program shall constitute the district's basic curriculum.

Curriculum Handbooks

Curriculum handbooks shall contain an outline of each basic course and the learning objectives to be mastered. Each handbook, when approved by the board, shall become a part of these policies and rules by reference.

Educational Goals and Objectives

District educational goals and curriculum objectives for the basic educational program shall be on file in the district office, and available for inspection upon request.

Additional Educational Programs

Additional educational programs shall be in one of the following categories:

Special Programs (IDAA), Support Programs (IDAB) and Exceptional Programs (IDAC).


Approved: KASB Recommendation – 6/04; 04/07; 6/10