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IDAD - Regulation-Title I Programs

NOTE: This document MUST be approved by board action to become policy. File with clerk, distribute to principals and duplicate as necessary in district newsletters and other documents.

Regulation – Title I

Parental Involvement Encouraged

Parents shall receive information about the Title I program, the curriculum, academic assessments, and required proficiency levels, and their right to request additional meetings. All parents of Title I students shall be invited to the meetings.

The board shall strongly encourage parental involvement in the district's Title I program. Included in these efforts shall be: activities that will educate parents regarding the intellectual and developmental needs of their children at all age levels including:

  • Activities that include promoting cooperation between the district and other agencies or school/community groups (such as parent-teacher groups, Head Start, Parents as Teachers, etc.) to furnish learning opportunities and disseminate information regarding parenting skills and child/adolescent development.
  • Assistance in understanding.
    • State academic content and achievement standards;
    • How to monitor their child’s progress; and
    • Title I regulations.
  • Implementing strategies to involve parents in the educational process, including: Joint development of a school-parent compact that outlines the shared responsibilities of the school and the parent for high student achievement by:
  • Keeping families informed of opportunities for involvement and encouraging participation in various programs.
  • Providing access to educational resources for parents/families to use together with their children.
  • Keeping families informed of the objectives of district educational programs as well as of their child's participation and progress within these programs.
  • Allowing parents reasonable access to staff who work with their children.
  • Providing professional development opportunities for teachers and staff to enhance their understanding of effective parent involvement strategies.
  • Promoting activities, which emphasize the importance of parent-school communication.

Activities to Enable Parental Participation

The district shall enable families to participate in the education of their children through a variety of roles. For example, family members shall be given opportunities to:

  • Provide input into district policies that affect Title I programs and their children.
  • Understand and participate in school improvement efforts.
  • Volunteer time within classrooms and school programs.
  • Perform regular evaluations of parent involvement at each school and at the district level.
  • Provide access, upon request, to any instructional material used as part of the educational curriculum.
  • Provide information in a language understandable to parents, if practical.

Scheduling for Parents’ Convenience

The district shall, to the extent possible, schedule activities for parent involvement at times and places accessible to parents of Title I students and provide information in a format and language the parents understand.

Annual Evaluation

The district shall conduct, with involvement of parents, an annual evaluation of the contents and effectiveness of the parental involvement policy IDAD. The district shall use the findings of the evaluation to design strategies for more effective parental involvement and to revise, if necessary, the policy IDAD.

Approved: KASB Recommended Regulation – 7/03; 1/04