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JCAB Searches of Property (See JCABB)

Principals are authorized to search property if there is reasonable suspicion that district policies, rules, or directives are being violated.  In addition, all lockers shall be subject to random searches without prior notice or reasonable suspicion.  All searches by the principal shall be carried out in the presence of another adult witness.

Whenever the principal is mentioned in this policy, it shall be construed to include the superintendent "or designated representative."

Search of Lockers

Lockers in the district schools shall be under supervision of the principal.  Students shall have no expectation of privacy in any school locker.

The combinations and/or keys to all locker locks shall be in the possession of the principal and stored in a place designed to guard against unauthorized access or use.  The principal may search any locker at any time without notice.  Students shall not place locks, other than those approved by the school, on any locker.

Searches of Property

Any person other than the principal who wishes to search a student's locker or property shall report to the principal before proceeding.  In no event shall any person be permitted to search a student's locker or property  without the principal's consent unless the person has a valid search warrant authorizing a search.

If a law enforcement officer desiring to search a student's locker or property has a search warrant, the principal shall permit the search which shall be made in the presence of the principal.

Prohibited items found during the search shall remain in the custody of either the building principal or the law enforcement officer.  If any items are turned over to law enforcement officials, the principal shall receive a receipt for the items.

Use of Trained Dogs in Conducting Sweeps

At the request of the principal or on a schedule agreed upon by the servie provider and  the principal, law enforcement officers or licensed private agencies contracting with the school for such service, may use trained dogs on school premises to identify student property which may contain illegal or illicit materials and to determine whether materials, such as drugs, weapons, or other materials which may threaten the general health, welfare, and safety of the students and/or staff are present in the district parking lot, hallways, lockers, classrooms, and/or locker rooms.  Students will never be sniffed by the dogs used to conduct the sweeps.

Approved:  KASB Recommendation–7/96; 8/98; 4/07; 12/14