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JGCA Local Wellness

           Each building principal or designee shall annually report to the superintendent or designee regarding compliance in his/her school.  Staff members responsible for programs related  to school wellness shall also report to the superintendent or designee regarding the status of such programs.  The superintendent or designee shall then annually report to the board on the district's compliance with law, policy, and the district's plan related to school wellness.

           Wellness Committee
           The board shall establish a wellness committee comprised of, but not necessarily limited to, at least one of each of the following: school board member, district administrator, district food service representative, student, parent/guardian, school heal professional, physical education teacher, and member of the public.

            The wellness committee shal serve as an advisory committee regarding student health issues and shall be responsible for developing, implementing, and periodically reviewing and updating a school wellness policy and plan that complies with law to recomend to the board for adoption.

            The wellness committee shall review and consider evidence-based strateties and techniques in establishing goals for nutrition education and promotion, physical activity, and other school based activities that promote student wellness as part of the policy and plan development and revision process.

            The superintendent or designee and the wellness committee shall conduct an assessment at least once every three (3) years on the contents and implementation of this policy and plan as part of a continuous improvement process to strengthen them and insure proper implementation.  This triennial assessment shall be made available to the public in an accessible and easily understood manner and include:

  • The extent to which district schools are in compliance with law, policy, and its plan related to school wellness;
  • The extent to which this policy and plan compare to model local wellness policies; and
  • A description of the progress made by the district in attaining the goals of this policy.

           At least once every three (3) years, the district shall update or modify this policy and wellness plan based on the results of the most recent triennial assessment and/or as district and community needs and priorities change, wellness goals are met, new health science, information, and technologies emerge, or new federal or state guidelines or standards are issued.

            The district shall annually inform and update the public, including parents/guardians, students, and others in the community, about the contents, updates and implementation of this policy and plan via the district website, student handbooks, newsletters, or other efficient communication methods.  This annual notification shall include information on how to access the school wellness policy and plan; information about the most recent triennial assessment; information on how to participate in the development, implementation, and periodic review and update of the school wellness policy and plan, and a means of contacting wellness committee leadership.

            The district shall retain records documenting compliance with the requirements of the school wellness policy, which shall include:

  • The written school wellness policy and plan;
  • Documentation demonstrating that the district has informed the public, on an annual basis, about the contents of the school wellness policy and plan and any updates to these documents;
  • Documentation of efforts to review and update the school wellness policy and plan, including who was involved in the review and methods used by the district to inform the public of their ability to participate in the review; and
  • Documentation demonstrating the most recent assessment on the implementation of the school wellness policy and plan and notification of the assessment results to the public.



KASB Recommendation-6/05; 4/07; 6/14; 12/15; 6/17

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