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KA - Goals and Objectives (See IB)

KB - Public Information Programs (See CEE, CEF, CG and KBA)

  • Newsletters and other Media

KBA - District or School Web Sites (See ECH, II, IIBG, JR et seq. and KB)

  • Web Site Rules
  • Form, Sample Handbook Language

KBC - Media Relations

  • Broadcasting and Taping
  • News Releases
  • Conferences and Interviews

KDC - Solicitations (See GAI)

KFD - School Volunteers (See EBAA and IFC)

KG - Use of School Facilities by Community Groups (See DFG and JH)

  • Fees and Rental Charges
  • Lease Arrangements
  • Supervision of Non-School Groups
  • Insurance and/or Bonds
  • Sample, Facility Use Rules Proposal
  • Form, Schedule of Rates for Facility Use
  • Form, School Facility Use Permit

KGA - Use of District Personal Property and Equipment

  • Personal Use
  • Sample Form, Personal Property and Equipment Use Permit

KGD - Crowd Control at School Sponsored Activities (See EBC and JCDBB)

  • Criminal Possession of a Firearm

KH - Gifts to Schools (See GAJ and JL)

KI - Distributing Materials in Schools (See JHCA, JK and JR et seq.)

  • Materials Produced by Outside Groups – Including Religious Materials
  • Political Campaign Materials
  • Advertising in the Schools
  • Mailing Lists
  • Sample Form, Distribution Rules:  Non-School Materials

KK - Sale of District Property (See DFM)

KM - Visitors to the School 

KN - Complaints (See BCBI, GAACA, IF, IKD and JCE))

  • Complaints About Discrimination or Discriminatory Harassment 
  • Informal Procedures
  • Formal Complaint Procedures
  • Complaints About Policy
  • Complaints About Curriculum
  • Complaints About Instructional Materials
  • Complaints About Facilities and Services
  • Complaints About Personnel
  • Form, Complain of Discrimination