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JA - Goals and Objectives (See BDA, CM, CMA, GAA and JCDA)

JB - Attendance Records (See JBC, JBD and JBE)

JBC - Enrollment (See IIBGB, JBCA, JBCB, and JQKA)

  • Resident Students
  • Non-Resident Students
  • Non-Resident Student-Continued Enrollment
  • Enrollment Restriction
  • Enrollment Procedures
  • Part-Time Students
  • Identification of Students
  • Enrollment Information
  • Assignment to a School Building, Grade Level, or Classes
  • Transferring Credit
  • Transfers from Non-Accredited Schools

JBCA - Homeless Students (See EDAA and JBC)

  • Coordinator

JBCB - Foster Care Students (See EDAA and JBCA)

  • Point of Contact

JBD - Absences and Excuses (See AEB, IHEA, JBE and JDD)

  • Excused/Unexcused Absences
  • Significant Part of a School Day
  • Make-Up Work

JBE - Truancy (See AEB, IDCE, JBD and JQ)

  • Waiver of Compulsory Attendance Requirements
  • Involvement of Law Enforcement
  • Reporting to Parents
  • Dual Enrollment Students

JBH - Release of a Student During the School Day (See EBB and EBBD)

JCAB - Searches of Property (See JCABB)

  • Search of Lockers
  • Searches of Property

JCABB - Searches of Students (See JCAB and JCAC)

JCAC - Interrogation and Investigations (See EBC, GAAD, JCABB, JCEC and JHCAA)

  • Coordination with Law Enforcement
  • Notification of Investigations Conducted by Law Enforcement Officers
  • Child Abuse and Identity Investigations Conducted by Law Enforcement Officers
  • Law Enforcement Initiated Investigations at School
  • Taking Students into Custody
  • Disturbance of School Environment
  • Definition

JCDA - Student Conduct (See AEB, IIBG, JA, JCHAA and JHBAA)

JCDAA - Tobacco-Free School Grounds for Students (See GAOC and KMA)

JCDB - Dress Code

JCDBB - Weapons (See EBC, JDC, JDD, JHCAA and KGD)

  • Weapons and Destructive Devices
  • Penalites for Weapon Violations

JCE - Complaints (See JDDC and KN)

  • Complaints About Discrimination
  • Complaints about School Rules

JCEC - Demonstrations (See JCAC)

JDA - Corporal Punishment

JDB - Detention

JDC - Probation (See JCDBB and JDD)

JDD - Suspension and Explusion Procedures

  • Reasons for Suspension or Expulsion
  • Short-Term Suspension
  • Long-Term Suspension or Expulsion
  • Rules Which Apply In All Cases When a Student May be Suspended or Expelled
  • Student Rights During a Long-Term Suspension/Expulsion Hearing
  • Appeal to the Board

JDDA - Drug Free Schools (See GAOB and LDD)

  • Student Conduct
  • Insert Local Sanctions Here

JDDB - Reporting to Law Enforcement (See EBC and JDD)

JDDC - Bullying (See EBC, GAAB, JCE, JDD, JGEC, JGECA and KGC)

  • Cyber Bullying

JF - Academic Achievement (See II and JR et seq.)

  • Reporting
  • Report Cards

JFA - Peer Grading of Assignments

  • Option I - Peer Grading Prohibited
  • Option II - Limited Peer Grading Allowed

JFB - Promotion and Retention

JFC - Graduation Exercises

JFCA - Early Graduation (See IHF)

JGA - Student Insurance Program

JGC - Health Assessment and Physicals (See JGCB)

JGCA - Local Wellness

  • Wellness Committee
  • Recordkeeping

JGCB - Inoculations (See JGC)

JGCBA - Automated External Defibrillators

JGCC - Communicable Diseases

JGCD - Health Screenings

  • Vision Screenings
  • Hearing Screenings
  • Dental Screenings
  • Selected Screenings

JGD - Student Psychological Services (See JR, et seq.)

JGEC - Sexual Harassment (See GAAC, GAAD, GAF, JDDC and KN)

  • Response to Harassment Complaints
  • Definitions
  • Supportive Measures
  • The Formal Complaint
  • Formal Complaint Notice Requirements
  • Formal Complaint Investigation Procedures
  • Formal Complaint Investigation Report
  • Decision Maker's Determination
  • Appeals
  • Informal Resolution Process

JGECA - Racial and Disability Harassment (See GAACA, GAAD, GAF, JDDC and KN)

JGFB - Supervision of Students (See GAO, GBR and JH)

JGFF - Student Transportation Regulation

JGFG - Student Accidents and Health Emergencies

  • Emergency Care
  • Records

JGFGB - Supervision of Medications (See JGFGBA)

JGFGBA - Student Self-Administration of Medications (See JGFGB)

  • Student Eligibility
  • Authorization Required
  • Employee Immunity
  • Waiver of Liability
  • Additional Requirements

JGFGBB - Accommodationg Students with Diabetes

JGG - Transportation (See ED and EDDA)

JGGA - Use of Video Cameras (See CN and JR et seq.)

JGH - School Food Service Programs

  • Free or Reduced Meal Prices
  • Contracts with Other Agencies

JGHB - Vending Machines and Other Automated Play Machines (See DK and JGCA)

JH - Student Activities (See DK, JGFB, JM and KG)

  • Eligibility for Activities
  • Adding or Eliminating Activities
  • Activity Fund Management

JHC - Student Organizations

  • Student Clubs
  • Non-School Sponsored Student Clubs
  • Student Government

JHCA - Student Publications (See KI)

  • School-Sponsored Student Publications
  • Non-School Sponsored Student Publications
  • Advertisements

JHCAA - Organized Groups Activity (See JCAC, JCDA, JCDBB and JDD)

JI - Community Activities

JJ - Employment of Students (See IDAA)

  • In-School Employment
  • Outside Employment
  • Vocational or Other Work Experience

JK - Solicitations (See KI)

JL - Gifts (See DK, GAJ and KH)

  • Student Gifts to Staff Members
  • Faculty Gifts to Students
  • Student Organization Gifts to the School

JM - Contests for Students (See JH)

JN - Awards

JQ - Exceptional Students (See IDCE and JBE)

  • Concurrent Enrollment

JQA - Temporarily Disabled Students (See IDACB and JGFGBA)

JQE - Alternative Arrangements for Non-Traditional Students

JQI - Adult Students

JQKA - Foreign Exchange Students (See JBC)

JQL - Hearing Procedures for Exceptional Students

JQLA - Class Size/Caseload Limites for Exceptional Students

JR - Student Records (See BCBK, CN, CNA, ECA, IDAE, JGGA, JR et seq., and KBA)

JRA - Types of Records (See BCBK, CN, CNA, ECA, IDAE, JGGA, JR et seq., and KBA)

  • Permanent Student Records
  • Administrative Records
  • Supplementary Records
  • Tentative Records

JRB - Release of Student Records (See BCBK, CN, CNA, ECA, IDAE, JGGA, JR et seq. and KBA)

  • Directory Information
  • Forwarding Pupil Records

JRC - Disposition of Records (See BCBK, CN, CNA, ECA, IDAE, JGGA, JR et seq. and KBA)

JRD - Hearing Request (See BCBK, CN, CNA, ECA, IDAE, JGGA, JR et seq. and KBA)

JS - Student Fees and Charges

  • Credit Card Payments
  • Fee Schedules
  • Debt Collection
  • Forwarding Pupil Records