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KBA District or School Websites KBA

(See DC, ECH, II, IIBG, JR et seq., and KB)

The board may establish a district website and may allow creation of websites for individual schools. A district website shall be under the control of the director of technology, and school websites shall be supervised by the principal.

Website Rules

Detailed rules relating to websites are found in appropriate handbooks or in documents approved by the board and filed with the clerk and/or principals. Website rules shall include the following areas: data privacy and FERPA regulations; copyright rules, relating to access and use of materials and the property rights of the district, students, and employees who create material; instruction on what information and materials will be prominently posted on district and/or school homepages, which shall include, but may not be limited to, a copy of Kansas State Department of

Education's Form 150 estimating the legal maximum general fund budget as well as the budget summary for the current school year and actual expenditures for the immediately preceding two school
years showing total net dollars of transfers and dollars per pupil as specified in Kansas law, using the full-time equivalent enrollment of the school district for such required calculations; the board's and administration's right to determine website content and monitor use by employees and students.

District and school websites are maintained to support the public relations and educational programs of the district and/or the schools. Websites may be modified or terminated at any time by board action.

Approved: KASB Recommendation- 6/00; 7/03; 4/07; 6/15

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