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KGD Disruptive Acts at School or School Activities (See EBC, GAAE, JCDBB, JDDC, and KGC)

Disruptive acts at school or school sponsored activities will not be tolerated. Persons threatening the safety of students, school personnel, or other persons; to damage school property; or to interfere with school or school activities or the educational process will be asked to leave the premises.

The school administration and staff are responsible for handling any disturbance caused by adults or students. The final decision for determining if assistance is needed is the responsibility of the superintendent or school principal. In the absence of these individuals, the determination shall be made by the assistant principal or person designated to be in charge of the building or activity. The superintendent shall be notified of any serious problem at the school.

Concealed Observation

Unless otherwise provided in this policy or policy JGGA, individuals are prohibited from recording students, employees, and/or board members surreptitiously or through the use of concealed audio and/or visual recording devices.  The prohibition is in effect at school, on or in district property, and at meetings and conferences held for educational or disciplinary purposes.

Exceptions to this prohibition include the use of video surveillance throughout district facilities and in district vehicles, provided in accordance with JGGA; the recording of meetings subject to the Kansas Open Meetings Act; the recording of due process hearings or student disciplinary hearings for evidentiary purposes; recording of students for use during the student's evaluation or provision of special education services with the principal's prior permission; and the recording of a school sponsored activity, progran, or event which is open  to the general public.

Individuals wishing to record students, employees, or board members at school, on or in district property, or at meetings and conferences as previously described shall first notify the superintendent or building principal in advance.  If such recording is not prohibited by law or policy, the administrator may allow the recording and my make arrangements to record on behalf of the district.

The district may use surveillance cameras to monitor student activity.

Surveillance cameras may be used to monitor students riding in district vehicles and to monitor student behavior in or around any district facility.

Surveillance footage which is a record of student behaior shall be secured in a secure location until the digital storage mechanism or tape on which the footage is maintained is either reused or erased.  Surveillance footage of personally identifiable students depicting their involvement in an altercation or other violation of law or district policy shall be considered a student record and shall be subject to current law of the release of student record information.


Approved: KASB Recommendation- 6/99; 7/03; 6/06; 4/07; 7/12; 6/13; 6/15

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