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For 2020-2021 New Student Registration follow this link:

If you need additional help with enrollment, parents are asked to call their respective school to make an appointment.

For 2021-2022 New Student Registration follow this link:


Which elementary boundary am I in?

Berryton Elementary 861-1300
Shawnee Heights Elementary 357-5400
Tecumseh North Elementary 379-5910
Tecumseh South Elementary 379-5950
Shawnee Heights Middle School 379-5830
Shawnee Heights High School 379-5880

The district requires that a parent (guardian) accompany the student(s) at the time of registration. The following documents are necessary to complete the registration process:

  • Your child's birth certificate (state-certified copy)
  • Immunization Record (Kansas Certification of Immunization or copy of the personal shot record)
  • Proof of Residency (i.e. utility bill or housing contract)
  • If a student is living with a relative or other individual who lives in the district, legal documentation must be submitted given that individual(s) the right to make educational and medical decisions.
  • Custody Papers (if applicable)
  • Completed USD Forms: Student Information Record, Health History, School Bus Drop/Add/Change Form
  • Completed English Language Learners Survey. This survey can be completed and returned to the school's main office.

Other information that assists in the placement of student:

  • Copy of your child's current transcript of grades
  • Copy of your child's IEP, if applicable
  • Homeless Students

The district, in accordance with state and federal law and the Kansas state plan, will ensure that homeless children in the school district have access to a free and appropriate public education. Homeless students are individuals who lack a fixed, regular, and adequate nighttime residence, contact local coordinator Stacey Giebler at (785) 379-5800.