Shawnee Heights High School has numerous clubs for you to join. Clubs are a great way to get involved and have fun doing things you love to do. We are doing things differently this year because of COVID-19 and will hold club meetings in a different manner. Most clubs will be held online on Wednesdays. More details will be provided later. You will be able to log time in club meetings in your learning log.

Please watch the video explaining the clubs at Shawnee Heights.
Complete the survey indicating your interest in joining a club or clubs.  If you indicate interest in a club, the sponsor will contact you with more details.

You can log 15-20 minutes on your learning log for watching the club video and completing the survey.

For questions contact Ms. Weishaar.


Shawnee Heights High School has numerous clubs for you to join. Clubs are a great way to get involved and have fun doing things you love to do. We are doing things differently this year because of COVID-19 and will hold club meetings in a different manner. Most clubs will be held online on Wednesdays. More details will be provided later. You will be able to log time in club meetings in your learning log.

Please watch the video explaining the clubs at Shawnee Heights.
Complete the survey indicating your interest in joining a club or clubs.  If you indicate interest in a club, the sponsor will contact you with more details.

You can log 15-20 minutes on your learning log for watching the club video and completing the survey.

For questions contact Ms. Weishaar.


Anime Club

 Sponsor: Mrs. Watgen

Room #: S410

Meetings: once a month during club time; anime viewing parties once a month at a member’s home.


Requirements: attend meetings! Get involved!

Club Dues: none, but bring snacks to viewing parties, and money is required to attend Nakacon in the spring

Mission, Goal or Purpose: Student-run group that celebrates the Japanese art of animated filmmaking, Japanese manga/graphic novels

Art Club

 Sponsor: Mr. Paget

Room #: 208

Meetings: After school on Tuesdays until 4:00pm.

Members: 20-25

Requirements: Interest in art. Anyone is welcome, whether they are enrolled in an art class or not.

Club Dues: $5.00 per year.

Mission, Goal or Purpose: To promote the love of art and art-related activities in our school and community.

Activities/Projects: Art Club is a student-run organization. Each year, there are different activities that the club is involved in, according to the interests of the members. In the past, we have worked at the elementary schools in the creation of a mural and worked on a Halloween project with the Special Education classes. We have done artwork to improve the aesthetics of the school. We have worked on installation artwork for the pediatric area of an area hospital.

Black Student Union (BSU)

 Sponsor: Mrs. Robbs

Room #: PD Room

Meetings: Once per month during club time.

Members: 40

Requirements: Any student of SHHS is eligible upon payment of dues. Club Dues: $2.00

Mission, Goal or Purpose: 1. To promote a better understanding between African Americans and other races at SHHS and in the community of Topeka. 2. To foster activities that will aid African Americans in their struggle for self-awareness. 3. To work with the administration, faculty, and students in an effort to make school life relevant to all students regardless of race, creed or color. 


Activities/Projects: Fundraisers: Bake sales, candy sales. Activities Membership Drive, Black Leadership Symposium at KU, adopt a family from The Villages Group Home, attend Martin Luther King Celebration, sponsor Black History Month, and attend Black College Tour during spring break.

Book Club

 Sponsor: Mrs. Weishaar

Room #: Library

Meetings: Once a month during club time.

Members: 10

Requirements: Any student of SHHS

Club Dues: None

Mission, Goal or Purpose: The goal of the SHHS Book Club is to encourage reading by providing a safe environment where literary discussion can take place in a respectful manner.

Activities/Projects: Each month students read and discuss at least one book.  Members also share book recommendations.

Family, Career & Community Leaders of America (FCCLA)


Sponsor: Mrs. Deever

Room #: 707

Meetings: 3rd Thursday of each month

Members: 20-40

Requirements: Open to any student who will be or has taken a FACS course

Club Dues: No dues; our organization sponsors the Winter Dance to pay our National, Regional and State dues.

Mission, Goal or Purpose: A dynamic nation-wide student-led leadership organization that helps young men and women become leaders and addresses important personal, family, work and societal issues. Leadership skills are gained through improving our community and school through our service projects.

Activities/Projects: Our service projects include hosting the Winter Dance each year for the student body, serving the dinner at the Scholars’ Bowl tournament, and other service projects are decided upon each year by the organization.

Other Information: FCCLA received their Charter in the school year 2013-2014 and is a growing organization.  Goals for the next school year have already been set and many exciting activities and events have been planned. 


Fellowship of Christian Student (FCS)


Sponsors: Mr. Nicks

Room #: Cafeteria

Meetings: Once per month during activity period and 1-3 times per month outside of school day.

Members: 125

Requirements: Desire to share Christian fellowship with others.

Club Dues: $1.00

Mission, Goal or Purpose: Our purpose is to provide a place and atmosphere for high school students to share about their Christian faith and how it impacts their sport and performance.

Activities/Projects: Improve our community through volunteer & service projects. Trick or treating for canned food. Special acknowledgment of National Coaches, Sponsors & Advisors Day. Sponsor school-wide canned food drive at Christmas. Late Night with FCA-recreation time after BB game in January. Valentine's Day service project-nursing home residents. End of year picnic.

Other Information: We are very proud to sponsor the Rich Heyroth Memorial Scholarship. 

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)


Sponsor: Mr. Tapia/Mr. Scheideman 

Room #: S109

Meetings: Once a month during T-Bird time

Members: 20

Requirements: Attend SHHS and have an interest in Business.

Club Dues: See Mr. Tapia

About: FBLA-PBL inspires and prepares students to become community-minded business leaders in a global society through relevant career preparation and leadership experiences.

Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA)


Sponsor: Mrs. Weishaar

Room #: Library

Meetings: Wednesday, 2:35 pm to 3:45 pm

Members: 15

Requirements:  Any student of SHHS is welcome to attend 

Club Dues: None

Mission, Goal or Purpose:  The Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA) guarantees a safe and accepting community for queer students and allies while learning about, relating to, understanding, and experiencing queer culture. 

Activities/Projects: The SHHS GSA provides a safe space for students to make friends and to talk about the various issues they face.  Students learn about sexual orientation, gender identity, and some of the issues that surround them.  The GSA works to make SHHS a more accepting and safe environment for all students.  The GSA sponsors Day of Silence activities.

Hispanic American Leadership Organization (H.A.L.O.)




Sponsor: Mr. Serrano

Room #: 317

Meetings: Once a month during activity period.

Members: 30

Requirements: None

Club Dues: $2.00

Mission, Goal or Purpose: To promote Hispanic cultural awareness at SHHS and to encourage Hispanic student leadership.

Activities/Projects: Celebrate Hispanic diversity, customs, holidays and culture.  Create homecoming floats, adopt families for Christmas, help local charities and organizations, and create new opportunities for future club members. 

International/Foreign Language




Sponsor: Mrs. Becker

Room #:  615

Meetings: Second Half of T-Bird time on Club Days. (10:22-10:33)

Members: 30

Requirements: None! Be adventurous and enjoy the food samples from the various countries.

Club Dues: $2.00 per year

Mission, Goal or Purpose: To help our exchange students get to know America, Kansas, our school, and SHHS students. It also offers the opportunity for us to get to know the Foreign Exchange students and their cultural background.

Activities/Projects: We visit some Topeka landmarks, eat at a restaurant, and organize some potluck dinners, i.e., Octoberfest.  


Sponsor: Mr. Robbs

Room #: N616

Meetings: 1st Half T-Bird Time

Members: N/A

Requirements: Have at least 5 of the 38 barriers

Club Dues: None

Mission, Goal or Purpose: Jobs for America’s Graduates-Kansas (JAG-K) is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization that partners with students facing multiple barriers to success. A trained JAG Career Specialist provides individual and group instruction to 35-45 students in the using the competency-based JAG National Curriculum. The curriculum emphasizes graduating from high school and preparing students for post-secondary education or entering the workforce directly.
The JAG-K classroom is a Career Association with opportunities for leadership, community service, career exploration, and on-site job shadow experiences. The unique 12-month follow up program allows the Specialist to continue providing support and encouragement to the student for the first year after graduation.

Junior Civitan

Sponsor: Dr. Dexter

Room #: 709

Meetings: Once a month during activity period.

Members: 40

Requirements: A genuine desire to make the world a better place.

Club Dues: $20.00 (Dues include T-shirt, International, and District Junior Civitan dues).


Mission, Goal or Purpose: The Shawnee Heights club is one of only two Junior Civitan Clubs in the State of Kansas.  It is a service club for young people looking for leadership opportunities and those wanting to improve the world. Join with other caring young adults who want to contribute their talents and time to aid people who are coping with physical or mental exceptionalities, promote environmental awareness, and give the general community and school support. There are approximately 20,000 members in over 500 Junior Civitan Clubs worldwide, with active clubs in Canada, Norway, the United States, Germany, Hungary, Romania, and Belize.

Activities/Projects: The Junior Civitan Club at SHHS is involved in many activities. We volunteer locally and team up with the Topeka Area Civitan Club on many activities.  We assist with the annual Civitan Club car show (at Shawnee Heights), Civitan Golf Tournament, Polar Bear Plunge, Festival of Trees, and Winter Wonderland.  Many of our members volunteer at Special Olympic events which include bowling, basketball, and the annual Northeast Special Olympic track meet.  Other projects are the Yellow Ribbon Project (suicide prevention) as well as other initiatives to support our school and others. 

Members will also have leadership opportunities at several levels.  Several of our officers have become officers at the District (7 state) level.  They may also run for International officership.   In the Spring, we attend the annual district workshop in Arkansas and also have the opportunity to participate in the annual International Junior Civitan conference often held in the Eastern part of the nation.  We have had officers who have also attended international fundraising activities like Dance-A-Thon (Murtle Beach, SC) and Sno-Do (Canada).  Proceeds are donated to the Civitan International Research Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama.

Key Club

Sponsor: TBD

Room #: TBD

Meetings: Once a month during activity period.

Members: 20-25

Requirements: Participate!

Club Dues: $5.00 per year-given to Key Club International. Goes toward member benefits and administrative costs.

Mission, Goal or Purpose: Key Club is an organization oriented toward community service. Numerous leadership positions at the state and international level are attainable. Key Club is the world's largest high school service organization with over 206,000 members around the world.

Activities/Projects: In years past, we have helped at the Rescue Mission, serving dinner and donating toiletries from our school-wide drive. We have also read to kids at the local elementary schools, participated in highway cleanups, and thrown parties for nursing home residents.

Louder Than A Bomb





 Sponsor: Mrs. Bradshaw & Ms. Wiseman

Room #: S330

Meetings: Monthly on club dates – after school dates will be chosen (TBA)

Members: 10

Requirements: Must be able to attend all meetings and extra activities.

Club Dues: None

Mission, Goal or Purpose: To competitively perform poetry related to current issues within society.

Activities/Projects: TBA (attend open mic nights, performances, etc.)

Math Club


Sponsor: Mrs. Bailey

Room #: N625

Meetings: In the North commons

Members: about 75

Requirements: All are eligible for math club, but for Mu Alpha Theta there are requirements: 1. Math 3 or above, 2. Teacher recommends, 3. Math high school GPA is 3.0 or higher

Club Dues: Mu Alpha Theta it is $10

Mission, Goal or Purpose: National Honor Society for Mathematics.  We are dedicated to inspiring a keen interest in mathematics, developing strong scholarship in the subject, and promoting the enjoyment of mathematics in high school and two-year college students.

Model UN

 Sponsor: Mrs. Aeschliman

Room #: 202

Meetings: Approximately once a month from October thru February, from 3:00-5:00 on Wednesdays.

Members: Approximately 40.

Requirements: Active interest in learning about the United Nations, world geography, and current events, and attendance at a 2-day event that is held on a Monday and Tuesday in late February or early March.

Mission, Goal or Purpose: To prepare delegates who will effectively and accurately represent a specific country in a specific council at the Topeka Model United Nations.



National Honor Society (NHS)


Sponsor: Mrs. Borjon

Room #: 301

Meetings: Once a month before school

Members: Over 40

Requirements: Beginning in the spring of student's sophomore year, students with a GPA of 3.5 or above will be notified of their eligibility to apply for membership into NHS. The nominee will fill out the student activity form, get references, and be evaluated by a faculty council. Students will be notified of selection into NHS by letter.

The criteria for selection into NHS are based on the four pillars of NHS:

  • Scholarship
  • Character
  • Leadership
  • Service

Students are evaluated on participation in school activities, leadership in the school and the community, community service, and awards.

Club Dues: $5.00

Mission, Goal or Purpose: To recognize outstanding students that demonstrate excellence in scholarship and service that supports the community.

Activities/Projects: Through volunteering in the local community, the NHS organization hopes to build and reinforce a pattern of respect and service in the students' lives. Members accomplish this task by tutoring and volunteering for numerous service projects during the school year. Members have a strict time commitment required for volunteering and tutoring.

Other Information: The National Honor Society is a very prestigious and elite group of individuals who have exhibited excellence in scholarship, leadership, service, and character. 

Renaissance Club


Sponsor: Mr. Spade & Mrs. Wilson

Room #: S322

Meetings: Once a month during club period AND before school on a schedule determined by the club leadership.

Members: Any SHHS student who desires to seek excellence and encourage others to seek excellence is eligible.

Club Dues: None

Mission, Goal or Purpose: To create at Shawnee Heights a climate in which students express the same zeal for excellence in academics and citizenship as they typically express for athletics. Activities/Projects: Each year the leadership and members decide what Renaissance should recognize and reward.

-Renaissance has recognized excellence in citizenship with the T-Bird Feather program. -Renaissance has recognized excellence in attendance and responsibility with the DoughDeal.

-Renaissance recognizes academic achievement by planning and conducting an annual academic pep assembly.

-Renaissance recognizes the excellence of past graduates and staff by organizing and helping select inductees for the Shawnee Heights Wall of Honor.

Rowing Club




Sponsor: Mrs. Ward

Room #: S415

Meetings: Topeka Rowing Association at Tinman Circle Monday and Wednesday 6-8pm and Saturday 8-10am

Requirements: Anyone is welcome to join. Once rowers are comfortable on water, rowers are able to sign up to compete in regattas, or simply continue to row for enjoyment and exercise.

Club Dues: $5 & TRA Student Fee - TBD

Mission, Goal or Purpose: To promote rowing and offer a new experience for students and adults to make new friends while improving physical fitness.

Activities/Projects: Rowing Club is in partnership with Topeka Rowing Association. Students and adults will learn to row in double and single boats. They will work on an erg indoors to perfect form. Once individuals are comfortable on the water, the club will enter and compete in regattas in Topeka and surrounding areas. Students have the chance to compete in state and national competitions.

Rowers will have several opportunities to volunteer in the community and participate in fundraisers if desired. 

Scholars' Bowl/Academic Team

Sponsor: Mrs. Deever

Room #: N707

Meetings: Monday/Tuesday mornings, Monday/Wednesday after school Requirements: See Student School Planner for lettering requirements.

Club Dues: $5.00

Mission, Goal or Purpose: To hold academic team meetings in preparation for Scholars' Bowl invitational competitions, including hosting a tournament at SHHS.

Activities/Projects: Participants in Scholars' Bowl increase their knowledge in many academic areas, particularly in English, social studies, science and math. Fine arts and current events are also addressed. Students are expected to attend one or more practices per week, compete at two or more tournaments during the season, and contribute questions to the central file. 

Spirit Club


Sponsor: Mrs. Ward & Mrs. Bradshaw

Room #: South Commons

Meetings: Officers-once a week until end of February.

Members: Members-special event planning and participation.

Club Dues: $1.00, encouraged to support teams.

Mission, Goal or Purpose: To support school athletic teams. Instill school spirit. Be a good host for visiting schools. Promote good sportsmanship and citizenship.

Activities/Projects: Cheer at events. Fundraising and spirit projects (ribbons, shirts, poms, etc.), Homecoming, Winter Festival activities, poster parties, ceremony participation, dance.

Other Information: Enthusiasm-a vital part of our high school. 


Student Council

 Sponsor: Mrs. Borjon & Ms. Coulter

Room #: S301

Meetings: As determined by the executive board.

Members: Elected by students.

Requirements: Participation, leadership, and character.

Club Dues: None

Mission, Goal or Purpose: Elected positions that provide leadership throughout SHHS by creating and organizing activities geared towards successful academics, building community and creating a positive school culture.


Thespians / Drama Club


Sponsor: Mr. Boyer

Room #: Auditorium

Meetings: Once per month during activity period; generally one activity per month.

Members: 40

Requirements: Anyone can join Drama Club; however, special requirements must be met to join Thespians, an honor-level international society of theatre artists.

Club Dues: $5.00

Mission, Goal or Purpose: To promote the love of theater in our school and community and to develop theatrical skills in our personal life.

Activities/Projects: Attending community and professional productions. Supporting school theatrical productions.

Thunderbirds on the Run




Sponsor: Mr. Propps

Room #: S305

Meetings: T-bird time (Runs TBA)

Members: 4

Requirements: N/A

Club Dues: N/A (Race fees and transportation to 5k is responsibility of student)

Mission, Goal, Purpose: To provide a low stress, “fun run” environment where students can improve their running and meet new people.

Activities: One 5k per semester TBD by club members