Don't Wait! File your FAFSA in October.


Don't Wait! Priority Date: November 15, 2019

A Shawnee County FAFSA Workshop at Washburn University will be held Wednesday, October 16, 2019, from 6:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. The workshop will be at the KBI Forensic Science Center on Washburn's campus located at Durow Road and Washburn Ave.

If parents would like to complete the FAFSA that evening:  please bring a laptop and 2018 tax information.  There will be financial aid staff available to assist with any questions or filling out the FAFSA.

A Drawing for a $500 Washburn Scholarship will be held. This one-time award must enroll as a full-time, degree-seeking student at Washburn University, cannot exceed tuition and fees in combination with other scholarships.

SHHS Booster Club - Why Join?

Booster Club

 The SHBC/PTO exists to support all students and staff at Shawnee Heights High School. Our combined efforts provide financial support for student activities and serves to promote school spirit. Our members are committed to providing opportunities for our students to carry on Shawnee Heights’ traditions. Additionally, being an active member of the SHBC will give you an opportunity to become involved with your student’s high school experience and give back to the greater Shawnee Heights Community.

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Some of the things that SHBC/PTO does:

  • provides funds as requested by coaches and staff. Recent purchases include the windscreens which were added to the stadium.
  • coordinates concessions at home games.
  • sponsors student events like Spirit Night and leadership Symposiums.
  • purchases achievement/merit awards, state banners, and State Patches for 1st – 3rd place winners
  • regularly provides meals for SHHS Staff and recognizes staff appreciation days.


Upcoming Special Event:

Family BINGO Night – November 5th SHHS Cafeteria


Current Officers/Committee Chairs:

Katie Franke – President

Liz Steffen – Treasurer

Liz Dodds – Secretary

Cody Whitney – Activities Director

Sarah Coulter – Concessions Coord

Morgan Whitney – Merchandise

Julie Liedtke – DAC Rep

Kim Pentico – Hospitality/Staff Relations

Allison Emerson – Membership

Tammy Edington – Site Council Rep

Lisa Becker – Fundraiser Coordinator

Reenie Olson – Fundraiser Coordinator

Cathy Astle – Post Prom


For additional information join the Shawnee Heights Booster Club/PTO Facebook Page




Attendance Policy




Thunderbird Parents:

One important change in our school policies that needs to be communicated sooner rather than later relates to attendance.  Below is an abbreviated version of our policy taken directly from our board-approved student handbook. 


There are two types of approved absences recognized by Shawnee Heights High School, documented excuses and parent excuses.

  1. Documented excuses are for medical or legal related absences or student educational experiences sponsored by recognized educational agencies. Your student needs to provide documentation to be excused. A documented excuse may be submitted to the office by a student, parent, or faxed by an authorized third party (i.e. doctor’s office). A written document from a third party should be submitted on official stationary.
  2. Parent Excused: Parents may make five requests each semester for their students to be absent or tardy for special occasions (parent excuses). All absences in excess of those five requests per semester will be "unexcused" without some form of documentation (dentist, medical, court clerk, etc.). Parent requests are subject to administrative approval. Parents may not excuse students to participate in a skip day, as there is no recognized Senior skip day. Unexcused absences could result in disciplinary action.

Our goal was to simplify the policy by only needing to count the number of times a parent calls for tardies or absences without documentation.  Any phone call from a parent excusing a student for being a few minutes late to missing a full day of school without documentation counts as one request.  As the policy reads, parents have five such requests each semester.  Documented absences do not count against this total.

We have streamlined our email for attendance as well. You may email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for all attendance reporting.

Ed West
Shawnee Heights High School


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