As our shared vision becomes reality...


As our shared vision becomes reality, what would we feel around the building?


As our shared vision becomes reality, what would we hear around the building?


As our shared vision becomes reality, what would you see around the building? 


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It is time to schedule a student-led conference for February 12th or 13th Each student is preparing to lead a twenty-minute presentation and discussion with at least one parent and his/her T-Bird Time teacher that focuses on post-secondary goals and transition plans as well as a high school plan of study for 2020-21 enrollment purposes.  We know that bringing the student, parent, and a key educator together for such a conversation greatly improves communication and accountability toward a focused goal. 

     Below is a link to a Google Doc that provides you the opportunity to schedule a twenty-minute block of time with your child’s T-Bird Time teacher.  Once the document is opened, click on the link titled “IPS Sign-ups Spring 2020” to access your child’s T-Bird Time teacher’s last name.  From there, you simply select an available block of time and fill in your student’s name and your name.  You can also include contact information, but do know that the information will be visible to a greater audience.  We already have contact information on file for those wanting some measure of privacy.  By the way, feel free to take a look at the site provided through the link to learn more about Individual Plans of Study and student-led conferences.

     One major change for this year provides every student the chance to lead a conversation in front of an adult.  To that end, students that do not have the opportunity to lead a conversation with a parent (or other family designee) during scheduled conferences will be matched up with a high school or district staff member to do so sometime during a school day shortly after conferences are over.  We understand that there are a number of factors that keep family members from being able to attend conferences during pre-determined times, so we are willing partners in the mission to make sure that each child’s voice is heard.

     If your student currently attends Washburn Tech, he/she does not have a T-Bird Time.  Parents of Washburn Tech students with questions about their child’s high school progress or post-secondary plan should contact the appropriate guidance counselor.  Our counselors work diligently to make sure students attending Washburn Tech are making informed decisions toward graduation and beyond.  Counselors are available during conference times. 

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