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10/25/17: Eleven students from Shawnee Heights High School recently participated in the KU
Engineering Design Competition themed “Engineer the 80s”. Each team received positive comments and feedback
from judges.

The Civil Engineering Team (Calvin Teater, Calin Martinez, and Tristan Kramar) built a bridge that would
span the Tampa Bay Area and allow for barge traffic. Cost of the bridge was taken into account,
support weakening was tested, and deck failure was tested. The team had to pitch their
design, provide a cost analysis, and explain their design process.

The Mechanical Engineering Team (Katherine Cook, Spencer Doole, Lauren Fleischer, and Rachel Hill)
had to build a prosthetic hand for Luke Skywalker who lost his hand in battle with Darth Vader.
Scoring was based upon factors such as design process, creativity in the use of materials, and
functionality. The team presented to judges from Westar and KU Biomedical Engineering.

The Chemical Engineering Team (Hayden DeLorge, Blake Hollingsworth, Jakob Huffman, and Nathan Lamb)
build a chemical reaction car to replace a damaged Back to the Future DeLorean in order to travel
forward in time. Scoring was based upon the distance traveled, time of travel, and type of chemical
reaction used to escape to the future.