Welcome to Shawnee Heights Middle School, home of the Thunderbirds!

The Shawnee Heights Middle School is a true middle school with 40 full-time teachers and 580 students. The most valuable feature of the middle school are the grade-level teams and support structures. Three teams at each grade level consist of a student’s English, math, science, and social studies teachers.  A special education teacher is embedded on each team and co-plans core classes to meet the needs of all students. Teams meet 4 days per week to plan interventions and supports for students with the overarching goal of achieving positive academic and behavior outcomes for all students. Middle school students have an opportunity to take a wide variety of elective classes to explore their interests. 

In addition to traditional secondary school electives, middle school students can take STEM oriented electives such as Digital Visual Arts, Robotics, Robotics Programming, and Mobile App Design. Students have the opportunity to be involved in clubs, participate in instrumental and choral ensembles, and play a variety of sports. The school will transition to 1-1 iPads during 2017-2018 school year and all classrooms have projectors and Apple TVs to enhance the instructional experience for students. The T-Bird S.T.A.T.E. Program recognizes academic accomplishments and responsibility exhibited by students. Counseling services, gifted services and other special education services meet the needs of all of our students.