The SHMS has many athletics, co-curricular activities, and clubs for students who want to become involved.  If you don’t see your favorite club or activity on the list, bring a proposal to the school administration. 

Football - Tryouts depending on  demand

Volleyball - Tryouts

Wrestling - Tryouts depending on demand 

Basketball - Tryouts

Track and Field

Cheer - 8th grade only, Tryouts


Starting a club is a great way for middle school students to meet new people and forge friendships over common interests. Clubs sanctioned by SHMS may advertise, recruit members, hold meetings and advocate for the interests of their members.

Getting Started

  • Find Like-Minded Individuals – Since a party of one isn’t that fun, recruit 3 to 5 other students who would like to form a group with you. Choose one person to speak with the principal. The principal can provide permission for you to conduct several planning sessions with other students. During these planning sessions you will:
    • Choose a name for your group.
    • Determine what your group will be about?
    • Determine any mutual goals or commitments shared by your group members.
    • Decide who will sponsor your group and supervise your activities.
    • Discuss a regular meeting time and location.
  • Make a Proposal – Make an appointment to meet with the principal to propose your group. During this meeting, you will provide your group’s name, purpose, goals, sponsor and proposed meeting time and location in a typed document.
    • You may request an appointment via email or come to the front office and speak with the secretary.
  • Keep in Mind – Most middle school students rely on bus transportation. The available meeting times are before school, after school, during Advisor or in the evenings. If your club will meet after school, then let members know that a parent-pickup or carpooling will be required. If your club will meet during advisor, your sponsor cannot be a core teacher.
  • Meeting Frequency – Weekly, every other week or monthly.
  • Membership – Your club must be open to all who wish to join.
  • Eligibility – For clubs that meet during advisor, members must not have Ds or Fs and be in good standing with their teams and school administration.

Club Privileges

  • Participate in any Club Day activities sponsored by the middle school.
  • Make announcements about your club in the morning announcements.
  • Use butcher paper and colored paper for club activities.
  • Posting advertisements with permission.
  • Access to the building for meeting space.
  • Submitting a club photo to the yearbook.

Clubs inconsistent with the SHMS Belief Statements, Mission Statement, Middle School Philosophy (see SHMS handbook p. 1) or USD 450 School Board Policy cannot be allowed.


 Student Council

Harvesters Club

Leadership - Must be enrolled in Leadership class as an 8th-grade student

Spanish Club


Play / Musical - Tryout