7th Grade Boy's Basketball Tryout Packet

8th Grade Boy's Basketball Tryout Packet

7th and 8th grade Boy’s Basketball Information

-Tryouts for the 2017-2018 basketball season will begin Monday, December 11 and will last until either Wednesday, December 13 or Thursday, December 14 depending on the grade level.

- In order to tryout athletes must have a physical and concussion form on file with the office.  They will not be allowed to tryout if these documents are not on file.

- Any boy trying out should wear a shirt with their last name on the back.  This can just be a tape on the back with the last name on it.

- Below is the first week schedule/tryout schedule for both 7th and 8th grade.  Pay close attention to the times and the locations


7th Grade

Jacob Tapia- Head Coach

Jason Swift- Asst. Coach

8th Grade

Scott Steinlage- Head Coach

Jason Brown- Asst. Coach


3:00-5:15 SHMS

5:15-7:15 SHMS


3:00-5:15 SHHS North Gym

3:00-5:15 SHMS


3:00-5:15 SHMS

5:15-7:15 SHMS Cuts 


5:15-7:15 SHMS Cuts

3:00-5:15 SHMS


3:00-5:00 SHHS North Gym

3:00-5:00 SHHS North Gym




CronoDayDateOpponentLevelGame TimeLocationResults
Tuesday 1/9/2018Washburn Rural7th A3:30 PMSHHS North Gym15-39 Loss
Tuesday 1/9/2018Washburn Rural7th B3:30 PMSHHS North Gym30-46 Loss
Thursday 1/11/2018Seaman7th A3:30 PMSeamanRescheduled 2/5
Thursday 1/11/2018Seaman7th B3:30 PMSeamanRescheduled 2/5
Tuesday 1/17/2018Emporia 7th A3:30 PMSHMS33-30 Win
Tuesday 1/17/2018Emporia 7th B3:30 PMSHMS27-25 Win
Thursday 1/18/2018AMS 7th A3:30 PMSHMS30-23 Loss
Thursday 1/18/2018AMS 7th B3:30 PMSHMS21-17 Loss
Saturday1/20/2018SH BB Tournament7th A8:30 AMSHHS Gym/SHMS37-23 Win vs Atchison
Saturday1/20/2018SH BB Tournament7th A8:30 AMSHHS Gym/SHMS29-43 Loss vs Mill Creek
Monday1/22/2018SH BB Tournament7th ATBASHMS33-29 Win vs Monticello Trails
Thursday 1/25/2018Eisenhower7th A3:30 PMSHMS28-36 Loss
Thursday 1/25/2018Eisenhower7th B3:30 PMSHMS22-14 Win
Tuesday 1/30/2018Junction City7th A3:30 PMJunction City23-25 Loss
Tuesday 1/30/2018Junction City7th B3:30 PMJunction City29-14 Win
Thursday 2/1/2018Seaman7th A3:30 PMSHMS24-33 Loss
Thursday 2/1/2018Seaman7th B3:30 PMSHMS27-33 Loss
Monday2/5/2018Seaman7th A3:30 PMSeaman31-30 Win
Monday2/5/2018Seaman7th B3:30 PMSeaman30-25 Win
Tuesday 2/6/2018Santa Fe Trail7th B4:30 PMCarbondale (315 N. 4th St)36-11 Win
Thursday 2/8/2018Emporia 7th A3:45 PMEmporia40-34 Win
Thursday 2/8/2018Emporia 7th B3:45 PMEmporia23-20 Win
Tuesday 2/13/2018Washburn Rural7th A3:30 PMWashburn Rural41-39 Win
Tuesday 2/13/2018Washburn Rural7th B3:30 PMWashburn Rural12-50 Loss
Wednesday2/14/2018Royal Valley7th B3:30 PMSHHS North Gym44-14 Win
Thursday 2/15/20181st Rd of CML 7th A3:30 PMJunction City
Saturday2/17/2018SH @ JC Finals of CML7th A8:30 AMJunction City
CronoDayDate OpponentLevelGame Time LocationResults
Thursday 1/4/2018Lawrence South8th A3:30 PMSHMS35-30 Win
Thursday 1/4/2018Lawrence South8th B3:30 PMSHMS48-8 Win
Monday1/8/2018Lawrence Central8th B3:30 PMSHMS50-30 Loss
Tuesday 1/9/2018Washburn Rural8th A3:30 PMWashburn Rural50-38 Loss
Tuesday 1/9/2018Washburn Rural8th B3:30 PMWashburn Rural26-22 Loss
Thursday 1/11/2018Seaman8th A3:30 PMSHMSRescheduled 2/5
Thursday 1/11/2018Seaman8th B3:30 PMSHMSRescheduled 2/5
Tuesday 1/17/2018Emporia 8th A3:30 PMEmporia28-19 Win
Tuesday 1/17/2018Emporia 8th B3:30 PMEmporia27-33 Loss
Thursday 1/18/2018AMS 8th A3:30 PMAMS39-30 Win
Thursday 1/18/2018AMS 8th B3:30 PMAMS23-24 Loss
Saturday1/20/2018Seaman Tournament8th A9:45 AMSHMS56-38 Win vs Atchison
Saturday1/20/2018Seaman Tournament8th A9:45 AMSHMS50-38 Win vs Mill Creek
Monday1/22/2018Seaman Tournament8th ATBASeaman40-43 Loss vs Seaman
Thursday 1/25/2018Eisenhower8th A3:30 PMEisehower49-40 Win
Thursday 1/25/2018Eisenhower8th B3:30 PMEisehower33-25 Win
Tuesday 1/30/2018Junction City8th A3:30 PMSHMS38-33 Win
Tuesday 1/30/2018Junction City8th B3:30 PMSHMS32-22 Win
Thursday 2/1/2018Seaman8th A3:30 PMSeaman35-42 Loss
Thursday 2/1/2018Seaman8th B3:30 PMSeaman26-29 Loss
Monday2/5/2018Seaman8th A3:30 PMSHMS47-43 Win
Monday2/5/2018Seaman8th B3:30 PMSHMS28-43 Loss
Tuesday 2/6/2018Sante Fe Trail8th B5:45 PMCarbondale (315 N. 4th St)34-31 Win
Thursday 2/8/2018Emporia 8th A3:30 PMSHMS46-24 Win
Thursday 2/8/2018Emporia 8th B3:30 PMSHMS32-31 Win
Tuesday 2/13/2018Washburn Rural8th A3:30 PMSHMS29-40 Loss
Tuesday 2/13/2018Washburn Rural8th B3:30 PMSHMS21-28 Loss
Wednesday2/14/2018Royal Valley8th B4:45 PMSHHS North Gym
Thursday 2/15/20181st Rd of CML 8th A3:30 PMEmporia
Saturday2/17/2018SH @ JC Finals of CML8th A8:30 AMEmporia




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