Shawnee Heights Middle School

Cross Country 2017

Head Coach: James Nelson (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Assistant Coach: Kerry Lovewell (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)



Please use the outside entrance to the locker rooms located on the NW side of the school nearest the student drop-off area.

Cross-country practice will begin before school starts. There must be 14 practices held before students can participate in inter-scholastic competitions so it is important that athletes attend the practices that begin before school starts.

Important: All athletes must have a current physical / concussion form on file in the Middle School office in order to participate in practice. Athletes without these forms will not be allowed to stay at practice.  Physical Form

Thank you,

Coach Nelson


*Practice begins on Monday, August 14th 2017

*Practices will be Monday - Friday from 3:00 PM to 4:45 PM

*Athletes will be notified in advance of any changes to this schedule.

*All athletes are required to attend a minimum of 9 practices before they are eligible to compete in meets.

*An additional Saturday practice may be held on August 26th to help ensure all athletes have the required number of practices to compete in the first scheduled meet.

*Athletes are expected to attend practice every day, and to participate in a manner that reflects positively on themselves and the team.

*Athletes missing practice must provide a parent note stating the reason for the absence. Failure to do this will result in an unexcused absence.

An unexcused absence will prevent the athlete from attending a future scheduled meet.

*It is especially important that athletes attend practice the day before a meet. Parents, please let the coaches know ahead of time if your child will not be able to attend practice the day prior to a meet.

*Practice attire must include: Shirt and shorts, running shoes and socks

* Each athlete will need their own water bottle (labeled with their name).

*Athletes will be given several water / restroom breaks during practice.

*Do not ask the coaches to leave practice during the workout.

*Jewelry should be of a functional, religious or medical nature.

*Athletes will be asked to remove any item that is deemed decorative.

*Athletes are encouraged to wear and use a digital sports watch.

*Basic Requirements: 7th graders must be able to run one mile in less than 9:00 without stopping to walk. 8th graders must be able to complete a continuous two-mile run in less than 18:00.

*Athletes will qualify to participate in meets. Meet attendance will be based on the following factors:

1) Attendance at practice

2) Attitude and effort

3) Performance at meets

4) Academic eligibility

*Please Note: A maximum of 40 athletes will be taken to each meet. This may limit the number of meets each athlete is able to attend. Middle school runners are allowed to participate in a total of 7 cross country meets per season.

*Athletes are expected to travel with the Team both to and from meets.

*Parents are allowed to transport their child home in a personal vehicle as long as they send a note or email to the school office PRIOR to the Team leaving school for the meet.

*Please notify the school office as soon as possible when making alternate transportation notifications.

*Parents failing to make proper and timely transportation arrangements may cause their child to forfeit future meet opportunities.

*Parents - Please make a serious effort to pick your child up on time from practice. It is greatly appreciated by the Coaches!

*Athletes - Please help your parents by communicating all important information:

~Changes in practice times / dates

~Pick up / drop off times

~Meet locations and directions

~Transportation notes

*Each athlete will be provided with a school-issued uniform consisting of shorts and a top. Uniforms are to be worn only on meet days.

*Uniforms will be retuned (CLEAN) at the end of the meet season.

*Parents will be billed for missing (or damaged) uniforms.

*Any exposed undergarments (compression shorts, for example) must be of a single, solid color. Black or white is recommended.

*As with jewelry, any item worn in the hair must be of a functional (not decorative) nature.

*Sweats will not be issued, but can be worn at the athlete's discretion.

*Running spikes are legal for competition, but not required.

*Shawnee Heights Cross Country Team members are required to treat all athletes, coaches, spectators, meet/school officials and volunteers with respect and courtesy regardless of school affiliation.

*Athletes unwilling, or unable, to meet any of the Team expectations(written or verbal) may face a variety of disciplinary actions:

*Conference with Coach(s)

*Athlete/Parent/Coach meeting

*Removal from practice

*Non-participation in meets

*Removal from Team

*Administratively-assigned consequences


Aug. 14


First Practice


Aug. 31


Jefferson West

Shawnee North Community Center

4:00 PM


Sept. 9



Jones Park

8:00 AM

Sept 14   Seaman Shawnee North CC 3:30 PM

Sept. 20



Pierson Park

4:00 PM


Sept. 22



Anneberg/Warner Park

2:00 PM


Sept. 26


Rock Creek

Rock Creek High School

4:00 PM


Sept. 28



Lake Perry

4:00 PM


Sept. 29


League Junction City

Milford State Park

2:00 PM