Help Raise $3,000 for Pennies for Patients and Shave Mr. Urich's Beard!

Pennies for Patients 1


Help us raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society! If this is the first time you’ve heard about Pennies for Patients, click on this link to read more: We have a strong tradition of rallying behind this cause!

Here are guidelines, enhancements, and information about prizes!

Timeline: Thursday, March 1 – Thursday, March 16th

Collection: Competition is between Lunch Hour Teachers! The money is being collected in your class that you go to lunch with!

Prizes include a catered lunch or special treat delivered in April. Each lunch hour teacher (5th hour for 7th-grade students & 6th hour for 8th-grade students) will receive a large canister in which to collect the money. During every Advisor throughout the competition please send down your canister with a student to the Counseling Center for us to safe keep the monies. Students will return to Advisor with your empty canister, ready to accept more donations from your lunch bunch.

(*New) Special Teacher Incentive: Teachers who pay $20 on Monday, March 5th can wear jeans the entire week!!!  Money will be collected by Beth and myself, if you forget on Monday…we’ll gladly take it Tuesday! We will be collecting money for spirit days Monday and Tuesday and will ensure to credit your classroom count. If you are an E Team teacher, you can choose at that time which 5th(7th grade) or 6th (8th grade) grade classroom you’d like to contribute to!! 


(*New) Special Collections / Spirit Days: Beth & I will man the tables at the front doors the mornings of Spirit Days. Students choosing to participate will pay $1 and get their hand stamped. We have large envelopes with lunch hour teachers names and will ensure your lunch hour class gets credit for your students' participation in each day’s activities.

Spirit Days

$5 Shave Out Cancer (And Mr. Urich’s Beard) raffle tickets will accompany the delivery of your canisters. When staff or a student makes a $5 donation (lump sum, not adding change day after day), they fill out a raffle ticket and put it in the canister. If they donate $10, they can be entered twice and so on…. We MUST raise $3,000 to SHAVE THE BEARD!!





1st Prize: Olive Garden catered lunch

2nd Prize: Mexican Fiesta  

3rd Prize: Sonic Drinks

4th & 5th Prize: Root Beer Floats

6th Prize: Donuts and Milk