Anytime your student is absent, please notify the SHHS office at 785.379.5860 or email for all attendance reporting.
Students must check-in or out through the office before leaving school or when arriving late to school. 

It is the responsibility of each student to request makeup work from their teacher(s). A student has a right to make up work whether it is excused, unexcused, or if the student is suspended from school. A minimum of two class periods for makeup will be allowed for each period of absence, but not to extend beyond one week, with the exception of extended absences due to extenuating circumstances. If a student is absent, that student or parent should email teachers directly for missed work.
If your student is absent for less than three days and you would like to get their homework, please feel free to contact their teachers via email.
For all pre-arranged absences, the student is responsible for getting their homework from the teacher. 

There are two types of approved absences recognized by Shawnee Heights High School, documented excuses and parent excuses.

  1. Documented excuses are for medical or legal related absences or student educational experiences sponsored by recognized educational agencies. Your student needs to provide documentation to be excused. A documented excuse may be submitted to the office by a student, parent, or faxed by an authorized third party (i.e. doctor’s office). A written document from a third party should be submitted on official stationery.

  2. Parent Excused: Parents may make five requests each semester for their students to be absent or tardy for special occasions (parent excuses). All absences in excess of those five requests per semester will be "unexcused" without some form of documentation (dentist, medical, court clerk, etc.). Parent requests are subject to administrative approval. Parents may not excuse students to participate in a skip day, as there is no recognized Senior skip day. Unexcused absences could result in disciplinary action.

Our goal was to simplify the policy by only needing to count the number of times a parent calls for tardies or absences without documentation.  Any phone call from a parent excusing a student for being a few minutes late to missing a full day of school without documentation counts as one request.  As the policy reads, parents have five such requests each semester.  Documented absences do not count against this total.