Parent Drop Off & Pick Up Policy

Parent Drop Off

  1. Please drop students off between 8:15 am and 8:35 am. The doors will not be unlocked before 8:15.  

  2. If the cones are out due to Boys and Girls Club or Intramurals, then wait behind the cones.

  3. Parents enter the “South Entrance” and travel along the playground, and form two lines when needed. Our goal is to keep as many cars as possible from waiting on Tecumseh Road.

Parent Pick Up

  1. Enter the parking lot on the south side of the building and wait at the cones. Do not enter the playground area until the cones have been moved.  

  2. Cars will line up in double lanes along the mulched side of the blacktop/playground area after the cones are moved. Please keep the lines close together to leave room for buses. 

  3. Students will be dismissed at 3:20 pm to the main office entrance. Staff will release children to the cars as they pull up to the entrance of the building. 

  4. Students should load from the curbside and not cross into the parking lot. 

  5. Continue to move forward as the line moves, even if your child is close to your vehicle. A staff member will dismiss your child when it’s safe to do so.

Drop Off / Pick Up Map