Grief and Loss

When children and adolescents experience the death of a friend or loved one, they will respond to grief in their own unique way. Each student will be affected differently depending on his or her developmental level, cultural beliefs, personal characteristics, family situation, and previous experiences. Children may show rather than talk about their grief. Their behavior, play, and interactions can reflect their grief. Adolescents often respond to people who choose to be a companion to them on the grief journey. The grief of a teen is different from that of a child or an adult, compounding and complicating his or her already complex life. School and community resources can provide support for a student experiencing grief and loss. Providers on the Mental Health tab also support grief and loss concerns.

Shawnee County

Midland Care Connection 

(785) 232-2044

Midland Care offers support for those who have experienced the loss in their lives. These services include individual grief support for all ages, adult support groups, Family Evenings, Hearts of Hope Camp for children, Teen Retreat, potlucks, memorials, and opportunities for expressive therapies.
The goal of Grief and Loss Services is to help those who have suffered a loss understand that:

  • Grief is a natural and even healthy reaction to loss.

  • Within each of us is the capacity to heal.  

  • The duration and intensity of grief is unique - no magic "finish" line

  • Caring and acceptance assist in the healing process.​

Services are available to all individuals in our community.  Relationship to a Midland Care patient is not required. For families served by Midland Care Hospice, there is no charge for three sessions of individual grief counseling services the first 13 months after the death of their loved one. For families inquiring from the community, charges are applied per type of service.  A sliding fee scale is available as needed.  If you wish to attend a support group, donations are accepted.
Services Available

  • Individual Adult Grief Support

  • Individual Child Grief Support

  • Adult Grief Support Group

  • Family Evenings - for children, teens and families

  • Camps and Retreats

  • Memorial Services

  • Community Education

  • Mobile Grief Support in schools, workplaces and faith communities

  • Specialized Groups for specific circumstances​

If you feel you would benefit from this support, please contact Suz McIver  at 785-232-2044 or 800-491-3691. You can access more information by clicking HERE.
Family Evenings start Thursday,  February 9 – for 6 weeks – they begin at 6PM and there’s no charge to attend.

Here’s the plan for each session:
6:00PM – Families arrive – shared meal (first meal provided by Midland Care – subsequent meals are potluck or you can donate $$)
6:30PM – Move to age appropriate groups – we have a Littles Group (ages 4-6), Sons and Daughters (ages 6-12), Teens (ages 12-17) and Adults.
7:45PM – All participants and volunteers back together for closing circle.
Each session has a particular focus; the goal is to provide a fun and safe place for children, teens and their families to discover their capacity to heal, grow and lead more fulfilling lives.
It is a community where kids can share memories, express feelings, try new activities and get tools to cope with grief.
We are already receiving calls and I wanted to make sure you have the info – we also have a Facebook event set up under Midland Care Facebook.