USD 450 Curriculum

Starting in the 22-23 school year, we changed our curriculum review process and curriculum map templates to provide more information to our staff, Board of Education members, as well as our families.  After each curriculum has been reviewed using the new process and templates, the curriculum maps will be taken to the USD 450 Board of Education for approval.  Once the maps are approved, they will be found by clicking on the Elementary School, Middle School, or High School buttons found below the Anticipated Timeline section. 

Curriculum Review Process: 

Each year, we select different curricular areas for review.  A committee of teachers, special education teachers, library media specialists, instructional coaches, administrators, and District Curriculum Directors work through our curriculum review process to review data, state standards, and current best practices.  They identify gaps and successes before they begin the curriculum writing process.  Finally, they select resources to be used if needed to address the identified gaps.  You can learn more about our curriculum review process here:  Curriculum Review Process