Medications At School

All medications must be kept in the health room and are administered by the health or delegated school staff during school hours. All medications MUST come to school in the original containers accompanied by a permission note (HF-033 or HF-033S) from the parent. WE WILL NOT GIVE MEDICATION WITHOUT THIS CONTAINER. If the doctor gives a professional sample medication to use, we MUST have a doctor's note or a copy of a prescription for the drug.

Parents/guardians should be responsible for transporting prescription medications back and forth from school for their students. If there are extenuating circumstances that prevent this from occurring, the school's registered nurse needs to be notified.

If there are dosage changes from the original medication pharmacy label, a new parent permission form must be signed and we need a note or copy of the new prescription with the new dosage listed.

We do not give aspirin or medications containing aspirin without a doctor’s order. This is due to aspirin's connection to Reye's syndrome.

Herbal, natural, and homeopathic remedies will not be administered at school without written authorization from the primary care physician.

In most cases, we do not give narcotics at school. The registered nurse (R.N.) in each school will make the decision. It is recommended that students recover from injuries or surgery at home and be able to switch to non-narcotic pain medication before returning to school.

Parents or legal guardians may come to the school to administer the medications.